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Published Author and CCO of Brightray Publishing

With almost a decade of experience working with Amazonโ€™s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) tool and other publishing services, Zoe Rose leverages her expertise to help entrepreneurs, executives, and academics elevate their brands and define themselves as industry experts. An accomplished author, essayist, and playwright, Zoe employs a diverse skill set to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the publishing industry.

As the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of BrightRay Publishing, Zoe leads creative writing, editing, and publishing teams in overall project execution and process optimization. Her people-centric approach to leadership empowers her team to reach organizational goals while completing high-quality project deliverables. Eager to move the publishing industry forward, Zoe fosters a positive company culture that uplifts diverse voices and encourages collaborative, cross-functional problem-solving.

BrightRay Publishing has been mentioned in various online magazines, such as Forbes, Medium, and Disrupt Magazine. Additionally, Zoeโ€™s personal work is featured in several publications, including History of Yesterday, The Mystery Box, and Kudzu Review. Under a pen name, she has written and independently published multiple top-selling fiction titles.

Zoe holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Florida State University. She lives with her partner and cats in Orlando, Florida.

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How to Build Your Brand with a Book

Distinguishing Yourself as a Published Expert

Lots of people want to write a book, but few people ever actually do it. Why? Because like any other major accomplishment, writing a book takes time and effort that most just can’t commit to. That’s also precisely why a book can distinguish you from your colleagues and open the door to otherwise impossible opportunities. This is not only a step-by-step guide to writing your book but what to do with it afterward. This book, written by two industry experts, will tell you how to publish your book and maximize all the benefits of being an author.